… always the last one …

I swear I am always the last one in line for the new gadgets and things. I usually find what works and stick with it… and I’m resistant to change (even though I know I should embrace it … but SIGH, it’s just hard!).

I was probably the last person to jump on the iPhone bandwagon and now I’m inseparable from the thing. Between my phone and my Google calendar schedule, I’m a force to be reckoned with. Unstoppable in my organizational skills.

Organizational skills, however, do not translate to having a neat and tidy house.

But this Christmas my mom bought me a present that has been around for years and I’ve just never gotten one … a Roomba. Yeah, I remember when these first came out … little robots that cleaned your floor? Whatever, lazy people.

Oh, apparently I’m talking to myself …

This thing is awesome! Not only does it do a great job with my main floor (all hardwood or lino), but the kids hear it and jump straight up and start picking things up off the floor to make way for it!

It’s like a magic kid-chore activator!

Even better, it’s the pet version… and since I’m now the cat-lady with three of the little buggers, I’m grateful for its daily furball sweep. I can finally stretch on my floor without standing up as a hairy beast.

It senses stairs, it doesn’t pick up computer or electrical cords (it will tangle in blind cords, though), and it goes under beds…

Death to the Dust Bunnies!!

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