How to Avoid “Catching Pneumonia”

RIP Bob Hoskins.

Bob died of pneumonia. That’s the cause of his death, but you don’t just “catch” pneumonia … pneumonia is caused by germs (bacteria, virus, food particles etc…) or chemicals getting into the lungs and causing inflammation, which results in fluid, shedding of dead cells, etc etc…:

the flu (including RSV in children)
pertussis / whooping cough
a cold (yes, just a common cold)

There are actually MANY different causes of pneumonia.

Please wash your hands and get vaccinated (if you can). You never know when you’re around an at-risk person (the young, the old, the immunocompromised, chronically ill, smokers, alcoholics, those allergic to eggs etc…) And if you’re out in public, you’re definitely in contact with at-risk populations.

If you’ve ever watched a “cold” or “the flu” make its rounds through a long-term care facility and kill 4 or 5 of your favourite old ladies … you know how important it is to do your part.




  1. callista83 says:

    There are so many people who think you can catch pneumonia or an ear infection or eye infection, they don’t realize it comes about from the germs which you can spread. I totally agree with vaccinating and keeping clean.

  2. My Gram lives in a seniors’ residence and it is very frightening when a serious illness like pneumonia starts spreading. I’m always trying to ensure I am not carrying any germs when I go to visit.

  3. We always get our flu shots – it is not really about protecting me or Hubs (complications in healthy young adults are rare), but rather protecting those around us.

  4. Thanks for the reminder. Definitely important!

  5. My almost 90-year old grandfather just was diagnosed with pneumonia and was put on antibiotics. Believe it or not, he still drove my grandma to the hair dresser. Style before health, of course!

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