The Official Scoop, followed by the unofficial stuff:

Heather Cook has been writing professionally since 1995 for regional, national and international publications. She currently writes on a regular basis for publications like the Western Horse Review, The Quarter Horse News and The Reiner, the official publication of the National Reining Horse Association. She has over 350 articles in print and online.

Heather has published two books: The Green Guide for Horse Owners and Riders, published by Storey and Rookie Reiner: Surviving and Thriving in the Show Pen, published by Trafalgar Square Books. Heather’s full length non-fiction manuscripts are represented by The Epstein Literary Agency of Avon, MA.

Now that we have that out of the way…

I am:

Writer. Mother. EMS. Blogger. Poor housekeeper. Good with grammar, mostly. Better with sarcasm. I love Jesus and Wine and Hockey. I’m the person behind you in traffic who is singing and dancing. I love people until they get into cars. I’m a capital-E-extrovert and a lowercase-a-type-personality.

And yes, I have big dreams.

You can email me at heather @ redwritinghood.ca

A dirty Spartan is a happy Spartan.